nfl alumniDarren Long is a former NFL and USFL Tight End as well as a two time all american. In 1982 he led the NCAA with the most receptions by a tight end and was 2nd overall in most receptions in a single season. Darren knows what it takes to play at a professional level and the importance of maintaining a lifestyle of healthy eating. "Eating the right foods not only helps you to be healthy, but it can be the difference in your athletic performance. That's why all elite athletes watch what they eat!" Darren is currently working with California USA Wrestling, youth, high school, and college programs. He is involved with many other sports such as baseball, soccer, swimming, and works with individual athletes from around the world. 
    Darren's passion is to equip athletes with the knowledge of the right balance of foods, proteins, fulvic/humic minerals, probiotics and enzymes to help muscle development, energy, and optimal health. He also strives to educate athletes not to ingest foods or products such as: GMOs, fillers, MSG, and other foods containing chemicals and unnecessary additives that will tear down the cellular structure of our bodies. 


     As an athlete it is vital to keep your body in shape from the inside out, after all being an athlete is a lifestyle! With our Website and Facebook you have direct access to free information about what foods will improve your athletic performance, what professional athletes are eating, as well high quality products we have developed ourselves. Foods For Athletes promises when you have the needed balance of good foods, probiotics, and enzymes on a regular basis, you will be on the road to  a much healthier, happier, and energetic you (the way it's supposed to be)!

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